Essential reading

Decision Guidance Document (DGD)
A Decision Guide Document (DGD) is developed for each chemical in Annex III and sets out the scope of the individual chemical subject to the PIC procedure. DGDs are meant to assist Government in making decisions on whether to import a chemical listed in Annex III.
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Additional Information on Annex III chemicals
Additional information on Annex III chemicals submitted by Parties after the adoption of the DGD is available here: More >>>

Obligations of Parties
Article 10 of the Convention sets out the obligations of Parties with respect to the future import of chemicals listed in Annex III of the Convention and subject to the PIC procedure.

Recommended reading

Import responses submitted by Parties
Import responses provided by Parties are available here. More >>>

Notifications of Final Regulatory Action
Notifications of final regulatory action submitted to the Secretariat after September 1998 are available here: More >>>

Training resources

Guidance to DNA on Import Response
Extract from the Guidance to Designated National Authorities on the Operation of the Rotterdam Convention. View full reports in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish. More >>>

Training Manual
The obligations of Parties and the process for the submission and dissemination of responses regarding future imports of the chemicals subject to the PIC procedure (Annex III of the Convention) are contained in Article 10. More >>>

Cross-cutting issues
Selected sources of information for developing and strengthening the chemicals management infrastructure within a country, and assist in the evaluation of chemicals. More >>>

E-learning Tool
The online electronic learning tool provides interactive training on the operation of the Rotterdam Convention, including assistance on completing notifications of final regulatory action. More >>>

Case studies
Case studies of national experiences in developing and amending national laws or administrative measures in order to implement the Rotterdam Convention. More >>>

View Frequently asked questions relating to notifications and the notification process.

Import Response - Forms and Instructions

If you are a new DNA, and have not received a username and password, please contact the Secretariat.

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General information

To facilitate the submission of import responses and the implementation of Article 10 of the Convention, the Secretariat has developed the following two options:

  1. An on-line import response form that guides users through each section and provides assistance in completing it such as pointing to further sources of information.
  2. A Word version of the form and instructions:
  3. Import response forms: English French Spanish
    Instructions: English French Spanish

The completed forms should be dated and signed by the DNA and submitted to the Secretariat.

Parties have an ongoing obligation to submit to the Secretariat, as soon as possible and in any event no later than nine months after the date of dispatch of a decision guidance document, their decision (whether a final or interim response) concerning the future import of a chemical listed under the Convention. When a Party changes an import decision submitted previously to the Secretariat, the Designated National Authority should submit a revised import response as soon as possible.