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Japan - Final Regulatory Action
N,N'-Ditolyl-p-phenylenediamine; N,N'-Dixylyl-p-phenylenediamine; N-Tolyl-N'-xylyl-p-phenylenediamine CAS number:
27417-40-9, 28726-30-9, 70290-05-0
Date circular:

Chemical name: 1,4-Benzenediamine, N1-(2-methylphenyl)-N4-(4-methylphenyl)-; 1,4-Benzenediamine, N1-(2,3-dimethylphenyl)-N4-(2-methylphenyl)-; 1,4-Phenylenediamine, N-(dimethylphenyl)-N'-tolyl-

Final regulatory action has been taken for the category: Industrial

Final regulatory action: The chemical is Banned

Use or uses prohibited by the final regulatory action:

All uses

Use or uses that remain allowed:


The final regulatory action was based on a risk or hazard evaluation: Yes

Summary of the final regulatory action:

Ban on manufacture, import, sale and use

The reasons for the final regulatory action were relevant to: Human health

Summary of known hazards and risks to human health:

It is based on the result that existing toxic data were evaluated synthetically

Expected effect of the final regulatory action in relation to human health:

Should result in reduced human exposure to this substance as its use is phased out.

Date of entry into force of the final regulatory action: 27/12/2000