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Brazil - Final Regulatory Action
Monocrotophos CAS number:
Date circular:

Chemical name:

Final regulatory action has been taken for the category: Pesticide

Final regulatory action: The chemical is Severely Restricted

Use or uses prohibited by the final regulatory action:

Formulations not registered.

Pesticide use or uses that remain allowed:

Formulations: Agrophos 400; Azodrin 400 and Nuvacron 400.
Insecticide/acaricide for culture of cotton, soy bean and wheat.

The final regulatory action was based on a risk or hazard evaluation: No

Summary of the final regulatory action:

Law No. 7.802 of 11 July 1989 and Decree No. 4.074 of 4 January 2002 - Pesticides and its compounds need to be registered by the Federal Authority prior to produce, export, import, trade or use.

The reasons for the final regulatory action were relevant to: Human health and environment

Summary of known hazards and risks to human health:

Monocrotophos is an organophosphorus insecticide and acaricide which works systemically and on contact. It is extremely toxic to birds and is used as a bird poison. It is also very poisonous to mammals. It is used to control a variety of sucking, chewing and boring insects and spider mites on cotton, sugarcane, peanuts, ornamentals, and tobacco. The EPA classifies monocrotophos as a class I toxicity - highly toxic. Products containing monocrotophos bear the Signal Word "Danger". Monocrotophos is available in other countries as a soluble concentrate or an ultra-low volume spray.

Expected effect of the final regulatory action in relation to human health:

Total control for the uses specially authorized.

Summary of known hazards and risks to the environment:

Monocrotophos is highly toxic to bird, moderately toxic to fish and highly toxic to bees. It may also kill non-target birds which eat insects poisoned with monocrotophos.

Expected effect of the final regulatory action in relation to the environment:

Better environment quality due the absence of this chemical.

Date of entry into force of the final regulatory action: 04/01/2002