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Chile - Final Regulatory Action
Mixture of Glyphosate and Ethoxylated bait amine surfactant CAS number:
1071-83-6, 61791-26-2
Date circular:

Chemical name: Mixture of : N-(Phosphonomethyl)glycine and N,N-Bis-alpha-ethyl-omega-hydroxypoly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) tallow alkylamines

Final regulatory action has been taken for the category: Pesticide

Final regulatory action: The chemical is Banned

Use or uses prohibited by the final regulatory action:

All agricultural and forestry formulations based on the active substance Glyphosate that contain in their formulation the surfactant polyethoxylated tallowamine (=Polyethoxylated Tallowamine). Commercial name: BINGO 48 SL
Active Substance: Glyphosate -Isopropylamine
Use Class: Herbicide

The final regulatory action was based on a risk or hazard evaluation: No

Summary of the final regulatory action:

Import and manufacture of pesticides that contain in their formulation the mixture of Glyphosate and the surfactant ethoxylated bait amine (=Polyethoxylated Tallowamine), whose CAS N = 61791-26-2, is prohibited in all formulationsfor agricultural and forestry use.
The authorisations of pesticides Glyphosate formulated that contain in their formulation the surfactant ethoxylated bait amine (=polyethoxylated tallowamine) are cancelled.
It is mandatory to declare to SAG (Agricultural and Livestock Service) the composition of any formulation of agricultural use pesticides based on Glyphosate that are imported or formulated in the country, by a Certificate of Composition issued by the manufacturer, which must accompany the documentation of each consignment imported into the country, or each batch formulated in Chile.
Violations of this measure will be sanctionedas provided for in the second paragraph of article 42, Decree Law N 3557.
(<>) y de acuerdo con la Ley N 18.755, (<>)

The reasons for the final regulatory action were relevant to:

Date of entry into force of the final regulatory action: 22/09/2022