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Australia - Final Regulatory Action
Tribufos CAS number:
Date circular:

Chemical name: Phosphorotrithioic acid, S,S,S-tributyl ester

Final regulatory action has been taken for the category: Pesticide

Final regulatory action: The chemical is Banned

Use or uses prohibited by the final regulatory action:

The only registered formulation was an emulsifiable concentrate containing 70.5% tribufos. This formulation and the only registered use of tribufos was prohibited

Pesticide use or uses that remain allowed:


The final regulatory action was based on a risk or hazard evaluation: Yes

Summary of the final regulatory action:

Registration of the product Def Defoliant was cancelled.

The reasons for the final regulatory action were relevant to: Human health

Summary of known hazards and risks to human health:

Tribufos was found to potentially cause organophosphate-induced delayed neurotoxicity and potent cholinesterase inhibition at very low exposure levels, and to pose undue health risks to workers exposed to tribufos. Occupational health and safety risk assessment was conducted using data from worker exposure studies in the USA and knowledge of use characteristics in Australia, which are similar to those in the USA

Expected effect of the final regulatory action in relation to human health:

Banning of tribufos will significantly reduce the risk to health of workers in the cotton industry

Date of entry into force of the final regulatory action: 30/06/1997