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Togo - Final Regulatory Action
Paraquat CAS number:
Date circular:

Chemical name: 4,4'-Bipyridinium, 1,1'-dimethyl-

Final regulatory action has been taken for the category: Pesticide

Final regulatory action: The chemical is Banned

Use or uses prohibited by the final regulatory action:

All uses and formulations of Paraquat are strictly banned.

The final regulatory action was based on a risk or hazard evaluation: No

Summary of the final regulatory action:

All products containing Paraquat are banned due to their high toxicity potential to humans and the environment.
Dcision no 125/COOR/2011 du 5 aot 2011 interdisant les formulations base de paraquat au sein du CILSS, (Le Togo faisant partie intgrante ou membre du CILSS).
Law No. 96-007/PR of 3 July 1996 on plant protection in Togo
Regulation No. 007/2007/CM/WAEMU of 6 April 2007 on plant, animal and food safety in the WAEMU.
Regulation C/REG.21/11/10 of November 2010 on the harmonization of the structural framework and operational rules for food, plant and animal safety in the ECOWAS region.
Decision No. 125/COOR/2011 of 5 August 2011 banning paraquat-based formulations within CILSS, (Togo being an integral part or member of CILSS).

The reasons for the final regulatory action were relevant to: Human health and environment

Summary of known hazards and risks to human health:

Paraquat is dangerous because of its high acute toxicity if ingested, even at low doses. Fatal by inhalation, toxic by skin contact or ingestion. Proven risk of serious organ effects following repeated or prolonged exposure

Expected effect of the final regulatory action in relation to human health:

To preserve human health, above all
As paraquat is a highly toxic product, and considering its increased danger to human health, it was a matter of taking measures to protect the country from the health hazards associated with this product.

Summary of known hazards and risks to the environment:

Paraquat poses risks to the environment, primarily because of its persistence in the soil. Il is highly toxic to aquatique organismes and causes long-term adverse effects.

Expected effect of the final regulatory action in relation to the environment:

To preserve the environment, above all

Date of entry into force of the final regulatory action: 01/01/2015