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Designated National Authorities (DNAs)

The Convention:

Article 4 of the Convention stipulates the role of Designated National Authorities in implementation of the Convention -

  1. Each Party shall designate one or more national authorities that shall be authorized to act on its behalf in the performance of the administrative functions required by this Convention.
  2. Each Party shall seek to ensure that such authority or authorities have sufficient resources to perform their tasks effectively.
  3. Each Party shall, no later than the date of the entry into force of this Convention for it, notify the name and address of such authority or authorities to the Secretariat.  It shall forthwith notify the Secretariat of any changes in the name and address of such authority or authorities.
  4. The Secretariat shall forthwith inform the Parties of the notifications it receives under paragraph 3


In line with Article 4, Paragraph 4 of the Convention, the Secretariat shall inform the Parties of new nominations and changes in nominations of DNAs. An updated list of DNAs is circulated to all DNAs, together with the PIC Circular, every 6 months (June and December).

Please click here  to browse the DNA Database directly in order to obtain the most-up-to-date address of any DNA.

Despite the end of the transition period on 24 February 2006, the contact details of the designation national authorities of non-Parties to the Rotterdam Convention will be maintained and updated by the Secretariat.

Contact details for non-Party designated national authorities may be accessed by clicking here .