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Legal framework on industrial chemicals


The Secretariat is collaborating with key partners in developing a new area of work that requires the strengthening of capacity building activities (priority area 7) in order to assist Parties with the implementation of an adequate legal and administrative framework to support the sound management of industrial chemicals. To that purpose, the Secretariat is working in close cooperation with UNEP Chemicals as well as with UNEP’s Division on Environmental Law and Conventions (DELC) on: i) the inclusion of the RC in DELC’s training curricula on environmental law; and ii) the development of guidance to Parties concerning the legal and administrative infrastructures required to safely manage industrial chemicals. The Secretariat will also prepare case studies on the development of legal framework for industrial chemicals. These case studies will include an analysis of the challenges and lessons learned on the development of legal instruments in specific countries and are expected to serve as a practical guidance to Parties.

The Secretariat is also working with Parties to facilitate access to funds allocated under the SAICM QSP for the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention, in particular for industrial chemicals.

For more information on the Secretariat’s technical assistance programme, please click here.


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