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Technical Assistance

a) Industrial chemicals in the Asia Pacific region: The Secretariat is in the process of implementing a project in collaboration with WHO, ILO and other partners to support the sound management of Industrial Chemicals in the Asia and Pacific region, focusing on industrial chemicals, with a special emphasis on asbestos. WHO’s Risk Assessment Toolkit (see below) as well as other relevant guidance materials addressing health and environmental aspects will support a series of workshops envisaged for 2010.

The Inception workshop scheduled for 18-20 May 2010 in Bangkok was further postponed to 31 August to 3 September 2010. Pilot workshops are also being planned and a legal case study is also currently being developed.

b) Industrial chemicals in the Africa and LAC regions: Two regional awareness-raising workshops on industrial chemicals management were jointly organized with SAICM, WHO and the Secretariat for early 2010 for the Africa and Latin American and Caribbean regions. These workshops are intended to support the sound management of industrial chemicals. The following activities have been undertaken:

  • SAICM back-to-back workshop in Abidjan 25-29 January 2010
  • SAICM back-to-back workshop in Jamaica 13 March 2010

A similar activity for the Asia Pacific region is being developed back-to-back with the Asbestos inception workshop scheduled for 3 September 2010, in Bangkok.

c) The Secretariat is also planning the following actions relevant to industrial chemicals:

  • Development of a training tool with content and processes aiming to support the implementation of a sound integrated national chemicals management system for industrial chemicals in developing countries; (To be completed before end of 2010).
  • Testing of the methodology through training workshops in three pilot countries. These workshops will be composed of awareness raising and needs assessment national workshops, development of the implementation plan by countries and discussion in national workshops; finalisation of activities within countries and preparation of case studies; (to be initiated before the end of 2010).

WHO's Risk Assessment Toolkit: the Secretariat has collaborated with the WHO on the development of a risk assessment toolkit that will support developing countries in their risk assessment efforts related to hazardous chemicals. The toolkit provides information, flowcharts and case studies on risk assessment methodology and includes a section on the Rotterdam Convention. The draft toolkit is already being utilized in the delivery of technical assistance activities on risk assessments, which are also being organized in collaboration with the WHO. The Rotterdam Convention Secretariat reviewed and commented on the toolkit and the toolkit has been finalized. The dissemination of the toolkit also took place during the industrial chemicals activities organized with SAICM.

For additional information on the secretariat's planned Technical Assistance actions, please click here.

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