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Incident report forms and instructions 
            To facilitate the implementation of Article 6 of the Convention, the Secretariat has developed two forms one for reporting on environmental incidents and one for reporting on human health incidents. The forms and instructions are intended to facilitate the collection and submission of information in support of a proposal for listing a hazardous pesticide formulation in Annex III of the Convention by developing countries and countries with economies in transition.  
Human health Incident report form:
English, French or Spanish
Environmental Incident report form:
English, French, Spanish
            In order to facilitate the use of the incident report form in the field, Arabic, Chinese and Russian versions of the forms and instructions are available from the Secretariat upon request.
            For official submission to the Secretariat, the original form, signed by the DNA as well as a translation of the form and associated documentation in English, French or Spanish is requested.

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