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Import response form and instructions 
            To facilitate the implementation of Article 10 of the Convention, the Secretariat has developed an “import response form” and associated instructions to facilitate the submission of import responses by Parties. In order to accommodate the various needs and working conditions of the end-users the forms are available in three formats.
            The two electornic formats include integrated “pop-up” instructions as well as automatic reminders to assist in completing the forms and in printing them once they are completed. At present there is no process for the electronic submission of the completed forms. 
For official submission to the Secretariat a signed hard copy is still required. 
1) An interactive electronic version of the form with integrated pop-up instructions available online:
                  English, French and Spanish  
2) A hard copy of the forms and instructions:
                  English, French and Spanish
                  English, French and Spanish 
3) An interactive electronic version of the forms with integrated pop-up instructions in word format (zip file).
                  English, French and Spanish 
Please note that the performance of the interactive word format depends on the individual computer setting. You are encouraged to consult the following “help manual” before starting.
                   Help Manual/Word format

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