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Partners in the regional delivery of technical assistance

1. FAO and UNEP regional offices
2. Stockholm and Basel Regional Centres
3. Regional experts
4. Asia Pacific Plant Protection Commission
5. Other partners

1.      FAO and UNEP regional offices 
Annual meetings with representatives of FAO and UNEP regional and subregional offices will be considered in 2009-2011. Such meetings provide an opportunity to obtain feedback on experience with the delivery of technical assistance activities in the regions and will provide valuable input to planning activities during the biennium and in developing further ideas for meeting the technical assistance needs of countries in preparation for the next meeting of the Conference of the Parties.
2.      Stockholm and Basel Regional Centres 
Integration with activities under the Basel and Stockholm conventions will be explored further with a view to strengthening the links between national implementation plans and associated action plans under the Stockholm Convention and the obligations of countries under the Rotterdam Convention. Efforts will be made, whenever relevant and feasible, to cooperate and use Stockholm and Basel regional centres.
3.      Regional experts
An informal group of regional experts was created in 2005 to work with the secretariat in the delivery of the national and subregional meetings on the implementation of the Convention. This group is seen as a means of promoting cooperation among Parties within and between subregions. Annual meetings of this group are proposed in order to follow up on the experience gained, to provide an opportunity to include new experts in the group and to expand the range of expertise available within the group.
4.      Asia Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) 
The APPPC meets every two years with the next session scheduled for September 2009. In follow-up to the work initiated in 2005, participation in the meeting of regional experts or a limited number of designated national authorities from representative member countries would be sponsored to promote the inclusion of the Rotterdam Convention in the work programme of the Commission.
5.      Other partners
The nature of the technical assistance activity will, in many instances, determine the choice of partners by the Secretariat. There will be opportunities to work with the relevant UNEP programmes such as SAICM, the UNEP Division of Global Environment Facility Coordination and the Chemicals Branch of the UNEP Division of Industry, Trade and Economics, in addition to the FAO programme on pesticides, joint activities such as the European Union-funded activities of multilateral environmental agreements in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries through the regional hubs, the Caribbean Community secretariat, the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme, the African Union and the Africa Stockpiles Programme.

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