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Industrial chemicals

    A new area of work includes the development of a comprehensive programme on the sound management of industrial chemicals to address the lack of, or weak, infrastructure for the regulation or management of this group of chemicals, encountered in most developing countries and countries with economies in transition.  This work will focus on the legal, regulatory and administrative infrastructural framework required to support national multisectoral industrial chemicals management programmes.
In addition, the programme will address the need to mobilize a number of stakeholders and resources at the international, regional and national levels.

    This work complements the agricultural chemicals management programmes in effect in most Parties and would address the initial steps that would need to be taken by Parties to manage this group of chemicals soundly.
The use of tools available within the Rotterdam Convention, the involvement of relevant sectors and the associated legal requirements, the need for awareness-raising and access to information on the Rotterdam Convention are some of the initial steps to be taken by Parties in conjunction with the Rotterdam Convention and other partners.

    This programme area aims to achieve programmatic synergies with other relevant chemicals management agreements, particularly the Stockholm Convention Secretariat, and will be implemented in close collaboration with the Basel Convention and the Chemicals Branch of the UNEP Division of Industry, Trade and Economics. Technical assistance activities in the form of up to six meetings on industrial chemicals will also be organized.



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