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on technical assistance activities for 2009 – 2011
The Rotterdam Convention’s programme of work for the delivery of technical assistance during the period 2009-2011 was adopted at the fourth meeting of the Conference of the Parties, as contained in decision RC-4/9. The approved programme of work (PoW) is contained section II of table 1 of decision RC-4/12  on the financing and budget for the triennium 2009-2011.
The programme of work addresses specific activities and needs identified by Parties and relevant to meeting the basic obligations of the Convention. It builds on previously-undertaken technical assistance activities, in particular on the development of national plans for the Convention’s implementation.
The overall goal of the programme of work for 2009-2011 is the development of activities that reflect the full range of Member countries’ needs, including activities that are tailored to the specific needs of individual countries or small groups of countries.
But the PoW 2009-2011 also contains a number of new programmes and activities intended to further strengthen the sound management of chemicals. Some of the new areas of strategic direction include:
  • the implementation of the overarching UN principle of “Delivering as One”, which also tallies with the various calls to achieve synergies with relevant multilateral environmental agreements activities

  • development of a targeted programme to address the sound management of industrial chemicals

  • development of programmes of work for technical assistance on legal matters and public awareness

  • emphasis on regional participation and delivery through the increased use of existing regional capacities and networks, such as the FAO and UNEP regional offices and the regional centres of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions
            Activities that are unique to Rotterdam Convention continue to be reinforced. Cross-cutting key activities such as training Customs officials, pesticides management, resource mobilization and industrial chemicals management will be delivered in cooperation with a range of partners.
            In addition, based on decision RC-4/9 on the importance to promote coordination and cooperation, Rotterdam Convention will work closely to Basel and Stockholm Convention and to the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) in the provision of technical assistance activities.

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