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Progress report

Click here for the progress report minisite of the secretariat containing the following activities:

- Resource Kit and publications
- Training and awareness-raising activities
- National and subregional planning activities
- Trade related issues
- Development of a monitoring programme on severely hazardous pesticides formulations
- Resource mobilization to support Parties
- Support to the preparation of notifications of final regulatory action
- Working with customs authorities
- Fostering cooperation
- Provision of Legal Support to Parties and Secretariat
- Follow-up to the synergies decision
- Working directly with individual countries on specific issues
- Working on industrial chemicals
- Establishment of a clearing-house mechanism
- Partners in the regional delivery of technical assistance
- Chemical Review Committee - seventh meeting
- PIC Circular
- New Parties


To view the current progress report (Jun. 2010 - Dec. 2010) in PDF format, please click here

To view the 1st progress report (Jan. 2009 - Oct. 2009) in PDF format, please click here.

To view the 2nd progress report (Nov. 2009 - May 2010) in PDF format, please click here.


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