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Designated National Authorities (DNAs)

List of DNAs


In line with Article 4, Paragraph 4 of the Convention, the Secretariat shall inform the Parties of new nominations and changes in nominations of DNAs. An updated list of DNAs is circulated to all DNAs, together with the PIC Circular, every 6 months (June and December).

We kindly request to Parties to check for the completeness and correctness of contact details and to communicate any request of amendments to the Secretariat as soon as possible.
List of DNAs for Parties

Please click here to browse the Parties DNA Database directly in order to obtain the most-up-to-date address of any DNA.

List of DNAs for non Parties

The contact details of the designation national authorities of non-Parties to the Rotterdam Convention will be maintained and updated by the Secretariat.

Contact details for non-Party designated national authorities may be accessed by clicking here.

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