The Resource Kit is a comprehensive source
of information and
training materials
Resource Kit evaluation form

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The Rotterdam Convention Resource Kit has been developed as a comprehensive source of information and training materials to assist in the ratification and in the implementation of the Convention. .

This evaluation form has been prepared with the objective of collecting feedback on the usefulness and quality of the contents of the Resource Kit.

Your comments would be appreciated and will help the Secretariat to ensure the continued development of the Resource Kit in response to the changing needs of interested Parties and observers.


Section A: Audience


1 - Among all chemicals management stakeholders you are:

Designated National Authority - DNA

National stakeholder (from Ministry of Health, Industry, Customs, etc,)

Officers of Intergovernmental Organization(e.g. WHO etc.)

Secretariat of MEA chemicals related (e.g. Basel Convention, Stockholm Convention etc.)

Industry (e.g. import-export companies, producers etc.)

Civil society (e.g. Consumer association, Environnemental association, national NGO, etc.)

other (please specify)

2 - Please explain in few words how your activity is related with the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention?


3 - In which of the following Prior Informed Consent (PIC) regions are you situated?

Latin America and the Caribbean
Near East
North America
Southwest Pacific



Section B: The Content


1 - The Resource Kit is organised in the following 5 categories.
Which of these categories do you use the most?


General Information
Guidance Information
Documents for the Implementation
Training Materials
Cross-cutting Information

2- Referring to the category/ies you indicated above, which are the elements you found particularly useful and why? Please specify the titles of the publications



3- In your experience, what type of additional information would assist you in ratifying and implementing the Rotterdam Convention? Please attach any relevant information to the form




Section C: Language, Format and Accessibility


1 - Most of the publications in the Resource Kit are available in the 6 UN languages.

Which of the language versions do you use most frequently?


2 - How did you first become aware of the RK?

3 - The elements of the RK are available in hardcopy from the Secretariat and in electronic format from the Convention website and on CD ROM. 

Which of these formats do you find most useful – which have you used most frequently?

electronic format;

4 - How did you obtain copies of the documents contained in the RK?

downloaded from the Rotterdam Convention Website;
directly from the Secretariat;
as part of a technical assistance workshop or meeting;
at the meetings of the Conference of the Parties;
other (please specify).

5- How might the accessibility to the RK be improved?

6. Any other comments?


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